Mistress Nadya


I am an Independent Professional Dominatrix based in Sydney.

Ever since I remember I have always had a strong desire to be in control.

Growing up in a country that for most of My childhood was under a communist regime embedded in Me a fondness for discipline and affection for punishment.

Now, I am drawn to the darkness of the dungeon and seeing men vulnerable, defenceless, intimidated and tied up, completely at My mercy.

The sound of My heels when I enter the dungeon to face My slave kneeling on the floor, not daring to look at Me without My permission fills Me with power. My presence makes My slaves shake with anticipation and fear of the unknown. The intoxicating smell of leather, the sound of chains, the swish of floggers, belts and canes leaves them (and you, if you dare) with painful marks - a long lasting souvenir and a reminder of our session.


As much as I love to express My cruel side and take pleasure in humiliating those who lay at My feet as they beg for mercy, I am an intuitive and empathic human who respects other people's boundaries - even if they are mere slaves.

It is My great enjoyment to meet people who are new to the BDSM scene. There is a lot of excitement in exploring new things, engaging in diverse activities, pushing the limits and discovering yourself in a safe and non judgmental environment.

It is a must for Me to have a thorough chat when you arrive to summarise the exact content of the session and to find out whether there are any delicate issues that may trigger any unpleasant or unwanted reactions. It is important for Me to know what it is you definitely DO NOT want Me to do or say. Finally, it is crucial to to know if there are any health issues or injuries you may have that could cause a risk or affect your experience of our session.

Whether it is a light bondage, humiliation, discipline or forced feminisation, it is necessary to agree upon these details beforehand.

Everything I do is safe and consensual.

My sessions are conducted in fully equipped dungeon close to CBD.

With My Siberian coldness I dominate in English and in Russian.

Read more about the types of sessions I offer.


until we meet,

Mistress Nadya