"No Mercy" Sessions

I have often been asked to perform heavy sessions when a slave completely surrenders to Me without being permitted a safe word.

Recently I was asked to provide an extensive corporal punishment and heavy ball busting that would include hitting with a rubber baton and kicking. I was thrilled with a prospect to go wild and unleash My sadistic inner self. After an initial warm up, I placed My slave on the bench with his groin fully exposed and to avoid unnecessary movements, I tied My victim to the bench with solid leather belts. I placed him at a height that allowed Me to apply generous kicks from the comfort of My sky high heels.

To My disappointment, after two modest kicks My slave yell: “Mercy, Mistress!!”. Being empathic (or shall I say: having an allergy to wimps), I changed My plans and place the party-pooper in a bent over position to inflict further exuberant corporal punishment. After an hour of intervals while using various implements such as floggers and different sized canes, I was interrupted only by some weak groans. White flesh was soon covered with purple and red welts. Overall, My good time was not spoilt this time.

So think carefully what you are asking Me for. If you want “no mercy” session, be prepared for sweat, tears and blood.