"No Mercy" Session - A Different Angle

I have met lots of slaves who claimed they wanted to be severely hurt by Me. Most often they asked for “no mercy” sessions and wished to be kicked hardly with My boots or harmed with various torturous implements (paddles, canes, ball crushers - just to name a few). Most of such adventures ended after few light kicks or baby-strokes.

Yet, there are some “pearls” who stick to their words and take their (deserved) punishment without begging Me to stop. Recently I had the wicked pleasure to conduct a session with a real masochist. I was truly delighted at being able to apply some serious punches and kicks without interruptions and being begged to stop. On the contrary, My victim begged Me for MORE and suffered with dignity, only turning over from one side to another and occasionally screaming (I absolutely believed his agony).

There was lots of blood but as a reward for his obedience and endurance My slave was granted a privilege to clean My shoes.