"I have been a client of Mistress Nadya and have found her to be exceptionally beautiful, genuine, professional, intelligent and extremely well prepared for each designated session. Mistress Nadya is well versed in all facets of discipline and knows how to take you to a new threshold each time. Mistress Nadya is also open to rational conversation to ascertain what works for the client. You never feel like you are been rushed or not been respected. I would highly recommend Mistress Nadya. She has a standard that very few offer in this field. This standard is attested to by the genuine fact that She enjoys the session also. I consider She is the best." - slave


"I have had the pleasure of seeing Mistress Nadya many times now and I can honestly say that after over 15 years visiting dominatrix’ all over Australia, that she is one of the very best out there. Besides the fact that she is very beautiful with an absolutely amazing body that would rival any fitness model, she is also very easy going, intelligent, accomodating, open minded and very easy to talk to.
In the session however she is a natural dominant. She can be amazingly cruel and punishing and with her extremely strong and fit body, she knows just how to use it to make you beg for mercy and for more at the same time. Every session with her she has managed to take me on a journey of pure ecstasy of pain and pleasure.
I hope to see Mistress Nadya many more times, if she doesn’t break me that is. But even if she does I’ll probably still be back begging for more." - slave


'In all professions there are generally two kinds of people those who are the real deal and
those who are able to make a living in that profession. For example compare Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus. In the world of BDSM the same principles apply and I can say, without
hesitation, that Mistress Nadya is the real deal. In her session work Mistress has high
standards and clear boundaries. She is no mere sex worker. She does not offer intimate
services, indeed this was the primary reason I submitted to her in the first place. Any reward
she grants must be earned, not necessarily in action but in who you are. Forget about being a sissy, a pain slut, or any fetish you may have. It is yourself in the core of your being that you
bring before her. Have the courage to be open and honest with yourself, in a state of complete vulnerability, for it is this that you offer to Mistress. When this is done then simply let go and she can do the rest. Ultimately you are kneeling at the foot of a woman, and trust me,
Mistress Nadya is all woman."


"Mistress Nadya is an extremely sexy, sultry and stunning Dominatrix. I had my first session with her a few weeks ago and she completely blew me away !! She is immaculately presented and the session was extremely professional from start to finish. She was very friendly and particular in regard to my Fetish and the session itself was extremely natural and unrushed. She completely took over in her role, she has a naturally dominant aura and I got total immersed and lost her seduction. Her dungeon is very clean, well organized, it has many toys, some interesting furniture and is suited for any session I could imagine. Mistress Nadya has an extremely sexy husky Russian accent which also drove my wild during our session.
Mistress Nadya has an amazing figure, she is very toned, extremely fit and has the most amazingly eyes and wicked smile. Mistress is the ultimate Dom and deserves nothing but complete servitude and loyalty by all slaves.
I honestly cannot wait for our next session, pushing the boundaries a little further and losing myself in her presence
Til next time Mistress Nadya !!"
- slave R.


“My heart was pounding as I hurried as fast as I could towards the address I had been provided. My phone rang and a husky Russian voice complained "This is Mistress Nadya - you are late". 

I'm almost there I gushed breathlessly hoping that the few minutes would be trivial for a
first time client.  Arriving at the designated door , I was greeted with a stunning blonde Mistress, hair tightly back and sleekly dressed in a sexy black outfit, long black boots and with piercing eyes that penetrated my very being. 

My apology for being late fell on deaf ears and post the initial session overview , I experienced a quick and painful lesson designed to ensure I would be pay closer attention to the time for future sessions.

I am a relative novice and once I had paid sufficiently for my misdeed, mistress Nadya proved to be an intelligent, articulate and insightful guide to the world of dominance and discipline. She is a natural dominant and her smile alternates between warmth and ice and keeps you guessing as to what is coming next. 

She is happy to take feedback during and after the session to ensure that your journey is a positive one and you attain the physical and psychological outcome you are seeking. 

Comparing Mistress Nadya to others, I am certain that her insightfulness and ability to include my personal attributes or characteristics into the session  - she will be my guide taking me to ever deeper experiences. If you are still hesitating  - don't.” K.


“Dear Mistress, I just wanted to say what a delight it was meeting you today. You are beautiful, intelligent and intuitive - a wonderful combination.

I appreciated your careful approach and I look forward to being extended by you in the not too distant future”